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Closed as of 02/28/2023 - Auctions are live
Closed as 02/28/2023
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May 24 is the last day for online auctions
First live auction is June 12
When you have been in business just shy of 100 years you can not just close down, it is a process. We have years of stock items in storage, barns, and some we even forgot about. We called the auctioneers at Johnson Properties and Auction ( to help assist us in the large job of clearing everything out.

It will be a LONG process...

Johnson Properties has been coming in off and on for a month and will continue to for the next few months helping to clear everything out by offering it online in an auction style sale. There will be multiple auctions to clear everything out from the stock, to the shelving and cabniets and more. The first few auctions will be to remove the stock. As of right now (3/16/23) we are half way through the first auction and it has about 1/2 our stock in it. It will end April 5, 2023 and a new one will pop up soon after.

Auctions like this you do not want to miss...

These auctions everything will sale better then any discount we could give. These prices are determinded by you and your desire for the product. The best part is you can pick up the products right here at the hardware store after the auction is over. If you are intrested in the auction please click the following link to start bidding (or looking) at the massive amount of items up for grabs.

How can we help, what can we do to make this end of an era memoriable?
Honestly the best thing you can do at this point is to tell as many people as possible (every small business needs customers who do this), and if you are able check out the auction and put a bid on something. Even if you lose the bid, you have helped us out.
Free things you can do to help us out
- Like, share, comment on our social media post. This will get us seen by other people who will want to check out the auction.
- Tell your friends, family and strangers you are having a conversation with. Word of mouth is by far the best gift you can give us.
- Click the auction site, look around, and place a bid on stuff you are intrested in. If you see something someone else could use, send the link to them. Every bid place helps us out. even if you lose the auction you have still helped us out.
Durham, NC 27701
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