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Published in Question · 20 July 2018
Looking for a hard to find item? Ask us. We may know where you can find it. We have been in downtown durham for almost 100 years so there is a lot of knowledge in this group.

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Paula Rubio
2019-07-27 18:19:30
Hi. Looking for aluminum brackets that tilt out to slide the top of the window screens into. Then they swivel back to vertical and screen hooks at bottom.
2018-12-14 13:24:56
A few years ago, one of our guys stumbled across a red [safety vest] labeled "Fire Watch" (or Fire Watcher, not sure) and I know it was at a hardware store in Durham, but I don't remember which one, so I'm hoping it's you even though I don't see a picture of the vest in your online listing/photos. Any chance you can help me? Thank you.
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