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About us

We have more than you think

Our family has been serving the Durham community and surrounding areas since 1926. We sell household items as well as many contractor items, and can just about get anything you can imagine. 

We try to keep a little bit of everything in stock but what we are missing we can order for you. If we order via our suppliers, you can expect it within a week (sometimes next day) free of charge. 

We have a large access to many household/Farm items

Our contractor customers love our fast services

In most cases we can set up an account in minutes, and ordering from us is easy.   Call, order, give us a PO and Job and you will normally receive it in a couple of hours (depending on location) On slow days we have been known to have it on the job site within 30 minutes.

Stock year round

If it is the middle of winter and you need a fan, then it's a good chance you can get it!

Unlike those large stores, we carry alot of stock year round. We know working on your fireplace insert is done before winter comes so we carry stove pipe and accessories year round (along with many other things) 


Durham's Hometown Hardware